Focke Wulf FW-190 A-3 project.


This is the camo-pattern for Black 3.



Main flight panel for the A-3 version.

Focke Wulf FW-190 A3 Werkenr.0132219

Black 3.

Stamkennzeichen KI+GX

Built at Ago at Oschersleben early in 1942.

Delivered to 1/JG 5 in summer 1942.

Suffered 35% damage during a bad landing at Herdla on 10. August 1942.

Sent to Kjeller,the major repair facility in Norway.

Repaired, probably in winter 1942/43.

On 22. May 1943 Black 3 of 14(J) JG 5 was lost to Soviet Flak near Tayp Navolok, the pilot Ltn. Klaus Biwer losing his life.

Werk nr.0132219 then replaced this and was marked Black 3.

Finally on 5.october 1943 0132219 Black 3 was lost when the pilot Hans Gunther Kleemann had to abandon the plane due to fuel starvation.

He was lightly hurt in a foot, but was able to walk, and came down to Berlevåg.

He was back with his unit two days later.

The plane crashed south-vest of Kongsfjord, and was found by Tor Edgar Olsen in 1984.

Salvaged in 1986, and was sent to Texas Air Museum for rebuild.

Went back to USA and to Dr. Mark Timken in Florida for finally restoring in 2004, and will probably bee finished during two years. (2006)

Black 3 is one of two A3 in the world to day, the other yellow 9 is still in Texas at TAM.


Cockpit as I found it in 1984.                                                                                                             Cockpit left side.



Engine cowling, right side, and top.                                                                                              Right wing summer  1984.



Cockpit on sledge at winter of 1985.                                                                                        Right wing  winter  1985.



Aft-section and right wing at crash-site  summer of 1986                Sea King from 330 sqd.  Lifts out parts from autumn of 1986.



                                                                        Black 3 at Gardermoen after rebuild at Texas Air Museum 1992.

March 2005.


The restoring team at White 1 Foundation,with .                                                                 Tail section



From the mountain top  at the crash place for Black 3.  16 August 2005.


Propellergear from the BMW 801 D from Black 3. Bit of a fueltank, this parts is still up there.



Ammobox from Werkn.2219.                              New restored racks to the FuG 7 radios.



This is a test to see if the radios fits in to the racks. These will soon be sent to Mark Timken in Florida, for monting in to the plane.

Visit at White 1 Foundation March 2006.


Anders and Jack at the restoring shop.                                                Cockpit Black 3


Tor in cockpit, just dreaming about what?                            BMW-801 D-2 engine.


Close up pictures to see the " Lufterrad" coling fan.          Hub and motor at White 1 Foundation, Kissimmee Florida

Working with the oiltank for Black 3.


Just startet with the restoring of the oiltank.        Welding in new parts at the tank.


Before assembling the tank.                                                      Ready for riveting.

Summer 2006

Salvagding of parts from the crash-site of Black 3, Juli 2006.


The rest parts from Black 3 are ready for transport down from the mouintain. Battery from Black 3, still with some power in?


Sea King from 330 sqd. have just droppet the parts.


Kissimmee Florida  10 March 2009 Black 3 are going home to Bodo.


Just startet with the farings to the wing.                                                                  Lifting up the fuselage


  Birger Larsen with the wing                                                    Birger, Guttorm and Jack is working under the engine.


 In the container ready for transport to Norway. It will probably arrive April 7 2009.

17 April 2009, Black 3 is back in Norway and Bodo.



Black 3 is  home in the workshop in Bodo                                  Making new parts, hatch for the firstaid kit.



Cockpit still missing a few instruments                              New parts for the MG-17 guns, the cartridge casing ejection chute.


Focke Wulf FW-190 and Junkers JU-88 in the workshop.



New restored MG-17 bracket.                                                 Our engine expert, Arvid Martinussen



Waffenhaube, or gunpanel for the MG-17 gun.                         John Skogøy is reparing the tail section with the hatch.



Panzer ring and oilcooler under work.                                     Finished, and all rust and corrosion is removed




The restoring work is making progress.                             The fin-tip is remade, and it fits much better no.



The new made hatch look nice, and fits much better


The cowling needed a lot of work to fit, looks great no.     Original instrument, and parts  for Black 3 waiting to be install.



Oxygenpanel and vavle                                                                      Supportpanel with original instrument is installed.


Making new cowling latches                                                             Working at the leftpanel


Right cowling is ready for riveting                                                           The newmade supportpanel with instrument.



Oiltank support                                                                                            Cowling ready for painting


John Skogøy is working at the cowlings                                                    Hatch for the cockpit ventilation


Right cockpit panel




Labels for Focke Wulf A-3, a gift from Horst Rienecker Germany.                       Labels and latches for our project.


Working at the bottom cover in cockpit.                                                                      The ventilation hatch.


Rudder pedals.                                                                                        New made cowling  latches from Germany delivered by Horst Rienecker.


Black 3 cockpit are almost complete, only missing a few parts.              Left panel is  at last complete.


The cowlings are complete with latches                                                    Still some work to do at the botton cowlings.



Some pictures from the restoring work at Black 3.


                                                                        Low quality work done in Florida  just discovered when dismantling the wing leading edge, and some riveting done by unskilled workers.