It started many years ago, when I, only 13 years old, visited my first aircraft wreck. This was a Douglas Boston bomber from Russia, shot down in 1944 by a Focke Wulf 190 from Berlevaag airfield. I became interested in historical aircraft, and I get in contact with people with the same interest as me. In 1987 I lost my job, and I had to leave Finnmark to find a new job, and ended up in Bodo. I started on a higher education, and in 1995 I got a job at the Norwegian Aviation Museum in Bodo. In Bodo there was a aviation society and I became a member of  Bodo Aviation Historical Society.  During the years I have visit a lot of wreck sites in Northern Norway to collect aircraft and parts for the museum in Norway as a voluntary, and have used a lot of times on this hobby.

Today I am retired and have moved back to Finnmark and now lives in Vadsų.
The distance to my dear Kongsfjord
has been over 1000 km shorter, so now I go there as often as I can. Fishing and hunting has become my new life, and I really enjoy it. Should I stumble upon a crashed plane on my treks, then I probably will not pass without checking if there is anything we know from before. My homepage will probably eventually change shape and content from aircrafts to more natural and hunting , and with a lot of pictures  from Kongsfjord and

At my spare time I  still  restore aircraft and  wreckage, right now is the cockpit section of our Petlyakov Pe-2 completed, and it is
moved into the exhibition in the military section of the museum. Now I work on restoring the Focke Wulf FW-190 A-3 hull which now stands inside the workshop at the museum. Since I am the project manager on this plane, I'm trying to acquire as many original parts as possible. This is not easy, but with the help of friends and acquaintances, and shop online can I find parts so the aircraft will be nearly complete.

At my homepage you will find an article from this work, and the history of the aircraft (in Norwegian).

You will find some buttons were you can choose what you want to look at, you will find articles and a lot of pictures from my hobby and from my birthplace Kongsfjord in northern Norway.

If you are interested in historical aviation I can recommend a membership in Bodo Aviation Historical Society, you will get four copies of the excellent magazine Norwegian Aviation Magazine a year.

If you have pictures of aircraft wreck in Norway, or know about wreck sites, please contact me by E-Mail.