Blackburn Skua L2896 from Orkdalsfjord.


                                                                                          Copyright Bengt Stangvik

                                             More about the Skuas in Norway during 1940, click the Skua drawing.

                                          Preservation plan Blackburn Skua L2896.

                                        Framdriftsplan preservering av Skua L2896.   

                                                                     Curator Birger Larsen, NLM.    

Shot down by German fighter 13.06. 1940.

Raiset from the seabed 242 m. 8 april 2008.



Cleaning out the mud from the cockpit area.     Browning 303, one restored, one unrestored.


                  Browning 303.                                             Restoring  the Skua fin


Making new parts, rib for the upper rudder hinge.              Parts/rib for the rudder lock.


  Original front botton rib on a new made  main spare.   Panel from the tail section.



Parts to the rudder steering                             Different parts restored, and paintet "Skua green"


                      Front panel                                                                     Left side panel


Repairing the front panel to the skua fin.


                            Birger Larsen is restoring the bombrack from L2896.


Signal pistol from L2896 restored                       02.10.2008  Skua fin detail, rib 3/2


Front spant to the  skua fin                                     Rib 3/2 is a repaired original part.


Rear spant with the ankernut.                            30.10.08 


Front spant                                  All new parts are made, and it will soon be primed.  


            Primed and paintet with silver, redy for riveting. Riveting the skin with pop-rivet, as original. 



  Startet to paint the flag at the fin. White and red is  the next   color to paint.  12.02.2009.